Parts and Services

We provide our clients with a complete service. In addition to installation, full maintenance and repair work of products and systems at our customers’ premises, we also install air articulation and support infrastructure where needed.

We follow a pro-active and structured maintenance plan that includes the monitoring of products and systems performance to ensure that we take care of our customers’ requirements effectively. Supported by an electronic system that provides a complete record of product performance, we are able to schedule repairs and replacement of equipment prior to product
failures. We carry stock of spare parts and products to minimise turnaround time, and our technical staff is fully qualified to perform all maintenance tasks, including gas installations and repairs.



We install backup compressors and vacuum pumps in accordance with SANS regulations. Service hours are set to a maximum level with automatic switch-over functionality, ensuring seamless operation while minimising breakdowns and potential downtime.

We pride ourselves in establishing long-term business relationships with our customers and where required, we enter multi-year Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Equipment may be purchased or rented depending on specific requirements. For customers that do not have long-term service maintenance plans in place, we provide ad-hoc repair and maintenance.